This is a stylistic anyalysis of teh confederacy of dunces focusing on his style of writing.

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A Confederacy of Dunces is written from the perspective of a teenager of average intelligence in the third person omniscient. The author does a respectable job writing with such visual and arousing words and phrases so that the readers can better appreciate what the narrator has to reveal. He does this well, writing of the protagonist whom he describes as harsh and critical of society and the way it works. He maintains and expresses his unique thoughts which show a lack of respect, especially for his elders when he tells the policeman "'I don't drive. Will you kindly go away? I am waiting for my mother."' (2). His descriptive language allows for more interesting descriptions. It begins in the first sentence when he writes, "A Green Hunting Cap squeezed the top of the fleshy balloon of his head." (1). He uses such adjectives as "fleshy"(1), "bushy" (1), "bulging" (2) which highlights the greatness of his writing and allowing the readers to get a better sense of the characters physical appearance.

The Snatching of Bookie Bob is unconventional in that author Damon Runyan writes as if he is reporting facts for a magazine, yet in the first person. The particular style of writing reveals the facts in a monotonous fashion without much zest. Therefor, the sentences are too prosaic and matter-of-fact as shown when he writes " In fact, Harry The Horse and Spanish John and Little Isadore are very hard characters in every respect, and there is considerable indignation expressed around and about when they move over from Brooklyn into Manhattan and start snatching," (96). The start of each paragraph reveals a common viewpoint when he writes many times that "I am not surprised" (1). If he is not specifically writing that particular line then he is articulating the...