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The subconscious mind has been described as “the mind which is the seat of our imagination, memories, emotions, dreams, behaviors, creativity and which takes care of numerous functions without conscious awareness, such as breathing or walking. Our sub/unconscious mind is the larger part of an iceberg, that which is deeper and longer than the tip, which is the conscious mind.” The subconscious mind is shaped and molded by our culture and our surroundings from the time of birth. As infants we begin to experience emotion, laughter, play, love, and perception. Each of these is molded by the culture in which we live. It is in this essay that I intend to endeavor in the ways in which our culture and surroundings in our daily lives create the meaning and romance we experience throughout our life time.

Allow me to begin with the experience of birth in perspective to an infant.

Upon entering this vast world of the unknown we begin to adapt to the culture we are raised in. For example the way in which we relay solely on our guardians for the essentials of life. They provide us the food, shelter, love, and compassion every infant is exposed to. It is at these beginning stages that we are exposed to the culture in which we live. These initial interactions shape our memory board to respond to such things later in life. If these basic needs are not met at the infant stages in our lifecycle, it too may have an effect later in life when again, the essentials of the mature life are inexistent. From the formula we intake to the clothing and bedding provided by our guardians. We are instantaneously subjected to these norms and values. As we grow we become inherit to such experiences and begin to...