Subject:--History of development in the literary criticism and its effect on the present world

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Literary criticism can be no more than a reasoned account of the feeling produced upon the critic by the book he is criticizing. It is in the first place, much too personal and in the second, it is concerned with values that science ignores. A critic must be emotionally alive in every fiber, intellectually capable and skilful in essential logic and then morally very honest. Then it seems to me a good critic should give his reader a few standards to go by. There are some writers who have much contribution in history of literary criticism. They exposed their theory, idea and make a different criticism in literature.

Practical criticism concerns itself with the discussion of particular works and writers, in an applied critique, the theoretical principles controlling the mode of the analysis, interpretation, antievolution are often left implicit, or brought in only as the occasion demands. a sing texts which the typical mode of practical criticism is called the American new criticism.

Aristotle----he criticized the contemporary poetry. In his poetics the Greek philosopher Aristotle defined poetry as a mode of imitation----a fictional representation in a verbal medium of human beings thinking, feeling, acting and interaction---and focused his discussion on elements on such as plot, character and diction within the work itself.

Philip Sydney--sir Phillip is a pioneer. That time people thought that literature was the reflection of vulgar things. he tried to protest this theory. he uphold his idea that literature is the central thing which is not dominate moral thing but give pleasure. in his age he develop the criticism which is 1st come to a form.

Samuel Johnson-he started practical criticism. he published the criticism of Shakespeare. Johnson was bound by the limitations of his own age. Johnson comments on Shakespeare's tendency to sacrifice virtue...