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Many of today's religions are very similar and common to basic religions such as animism, divination, rites of passage, taboo, sacrifice, myth etc. In essence basic religions are the religions and total culture of prehistoric people. I find some familiar features in my religion that are influenced by basic religions. My religion is Islam and regardless of the differences of the religions there seem to be some similarities between them.

Myth is one of the common characteristics of all religions and it seems to be comparable to Islam. This is perhaps the most widely propagated myth about Islam. For many years now, Islam has been putting forward to Westerners a peaceful, loving front. This false view of Islam has been spread all the more aggressively since the September 11 terrorist attacks. Muslim leaders in the United States and other Western nations had to push their efforts at hiding Islam's true nature into high gear, trying to counterbalance the impact made by the sight of Palestinians and other Muslims cheering and celebrating the destruction of the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

Unfortunately, many liberal Christians in most of the mainline denominations have gone right along with these attempts at whitewashing Islam's image, either out of blind ignorance or ungodly sympathy for Mohammed's religion. In basic religion very few people believe that the story of Prometheus is a factual account of a great hero of the past. The story of Prometheus tells the truth how the sacrificial love of one divine figure for humanity. Also it explains how the world was created and where did the fire and civilization came.

Sacrifice is another feature of the basic religion, which is similar to Islam. By sacrificing they try to please god and some how make a connection between the world they...