Subject should be "Human Resource Management" I will discuss what activities a Human Resource Manager should focus on and Why money should not be used as a retention strategy

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In today's business world, human resource managers have a number of management activities that I would consider as priorities for a retention strategy. After all, retention is one of the key functions of the human resource department within the organization. Regardless of the nature of your organization, there are a number of strategies that you can implement as a human resource manager in order to improve your retention rate and reduce turnover rates within the organization. Some of the management activities I would consider as priorities in my retention strategy would be things such as managerial interaction with lower level employees, monitoring and limiting "executive perks" of the upper level management, and empowering not only my managers, but my employees as well in terms of recommending employees for formal recognition and holding those employees accountable for their actions. Other activities I would focus on would be making my organization as "family friendly" as possible as well as "hiring for attitude" and instituting a training program to enhance the skills of new or prospective hires.

I would not use money as a retention strategy because money is a limited commodity and will only act as a temporary solution.

First of all, as a manager of a human resources department, I would consider managerial interaction with the employees as a top priority for my retention strategy. The fastest and easiest way to increase your turnover rate is to have managers that fail to have any personal interaction with their employees. By increasing managerial interaction you do a number of things. You improve your employee feedback; an employee is more likely to bring up organizational problems with a manager they are comfortable with than with a manager that seems unapproachable. You improve your managerial feedback; a manager can better identify and address...