A subjective comparison between Wolfgang Mozart to dictator Ferdinand Marcos of the Philippines

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Mozart was a great musician/composer. He probably is the greatest composer who ever lived. I never realized the extent of his prominence until I watched the movie on his life. He was full of such great talent. He was able to come up with beautiful music from thin air. He could memorize and play any tune after hearing it just once without even seeing the notes on paper. Mozart, however, was only human and he had a lot of flaws under his belt. He was a womanizer, a drunkard, and an addict. He had the potential to exceed his own abilities but his flaws got the best of him.

He failed to do his job well for the Cardinal because of his horsing around with his future wife. He was already engaged yet he still would sleep around with Antonio Salieri's girl. He would go to drinking parties full of women while his wife and child slept at home.

The time that was supposed to be spent composing music and writing operas were used for sexual pleasure with these assorted women. Mozart drank a lot and was constantly drunk while doing his work. The alcohol and the medicine he would take made him sick and it eventually killed him. He would drink even while doing what he loved best. He squandered most of his money on liquor making him take any job that offered even a morsel of money. The medicine that he took only made him worse and sicker. He slowly lost his mind and he got crazy from all his sleepless nights of composing music. He died at such an early age. With so much more musical potential to offer he departed this world prematurely due to his own personal tragic flaws.

Looking into Philippine history books...