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Photo essay

Photography is a medium that has become a part of our every day lives. It serves as a way to preserve our fondest memories, or even record events that happen light-years away. However, it can also proove to be a most striking form of art, and this is what we have studied extensively in this class. However when we consider photography we learn that it means different things to different to different people, and I am no exception. Something that we discussed throughout the course was how photography created an illusion of reality. Taking this I began to consider other questions of illusions which appear in society as well as body language, the illusion of the way we feel, and also, the beauty of the real designs of the world. However what truly interested me was how the camera is able to pick up many things that the eye never sees, and vice versa.

The first thing that I considered when I began working on my final pictures was how man made forms truly imitate, and sometimes create the illusion of, reality. In my still life photos I attempted to emulate this. In these cases I used a rather remarkable brussel sprout plant, a plant that I felt looked unreal, and set it against man made objects that imitated natural plants. the details of both the man made plants and the real brussel sprout plant were unbelievable.

What really interested me most when I looked over my landscape pictures, was how the randomness of forms could create a pattern. In the shot of the trees on top of the hill, each tree is nearly identical in height, though they grow from different levels. In the close up of the tree trunk set against sunlight coming...