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I interviewed the Subway restaurant, owner of my work. Her name is Rohini Chopra. She was born and raised in India. Rohini came to California when she was twenty one years old with her husband. She grew up in a business oriented family. She had two brothers, and she was the only girl in her family. Rohini's mom received a high school diploma, and her dad received a bachelor's degree. In India, her dad owned a brick factory. He had two hundred employees in his business. Since she was a child, Rohini used to watch her dad working hard, taking care of business, and handling the employees. Sometimes she used to go with him to his business and watch what do they used to do there, and she thought it was fun. Her father was very hard working and ambitious. As a result, her father had a big influence on her life to become a successful person.

When she was growing up, she wanted to be independent. When Rohini came to the United States, she wanted to be a self-sufficient woman. Therefore, she started her own business as a Subway owner.

Rohini started business in 1990. She went to New York for a fifteen days training, which taught her a lot. As a business woman, she is independent and very hard working. Now she has her own house and very proud of her- self as an independent, successful business woman. Rohini told me that earning as a self dependence is a different ways of satisfaction. As Rohini continued with the business, she was learning so many things, such as how to reach a goal, and how to handle a financial situation.

During the interview, Rohini said, "Every business has a goal, so watch your goal." It is very...