Succes and how it is expressed by our culture, and in the book School Girls by Peggy Orenstein.

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Success is defined by Webster's Dictionary as: "The achievement of something desired, planned, or attempted." For me there are many different levels of success. I consider success something that you work hard for, whether is be getting a good grade on a paper or in a class. Or maybe it's winning in a sporting event, and now your team is the league champs. What ever it maybe, it is something special to you, and you worked very hard to get their. Therefore you are successful in my eyes. Therefore I believe that my personal definition closely matches that of Webster's. But I don't believe that our society's version of success matches too well. For example, our whole lives we have been taught that if you're successful that means you have lots of money, a good education. And maybe a family that would have to be "perfect". Tell me how is that successful? Yes, all of those people had to put in all that hard work and time in college and in the work place.

But our society tends to say you're only successful if you make lots of money. In our society's eyes, they don't care if you're doing something that you like to do, and maybe not getting rich while doing it. If you are not the president or vice president or someone who means a lot to a company, you are not always viewed as being successful. Like teachers for example, some teachers spend almost as much time as doctors do in college. Yet since they don't make as much money, they are not always viewed as being successful.

If you view having a lot of money, nice cars, and other luxuries as being "successful". Then should we rank drug lords, mob bosses, and other people...