Succes in a shoe

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Success in a shoe

There are those who set there goals high and accept success only when it is at the top, others consider just getting a job done success. Success when consulted with dictionary is a favorable result or conclusion. The success of an individual is usually dependant on how much they are pressured by friends and family, and how much that person is willing to give sole to accomplish there personal goals of success. Many of our views of the successful person are presented by the media to us in the form of athletes or just individuals that make a lot of money. So we, as a society, have concluded that money is a way to measure success, and many are discouraged when they think they are unable to obtain this success.

The personal goals of an individual are set by themselves though normally have outside influences, such as family or friends.

School is a good example of the many types of motivation and personal success that follows. I have a friend that strives to get a ninety-five or better in all her classes even the advanced ones. She is determined so much so that she is ecstatic when the report cards come in and she has made her goal. At one point when she got a couple grade points lower on her an average, in one class, was on the brink of tears because she did not accomplish her goal. All of this motivation was put on her by herself and the goals she set for her success. On the other hand I have a friend who sets his goals at seventy when it comes to his grades. The effort in all of his classes is minimum and they are classes are the easiest he can take.