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What is success? When we think about success, what usually comes to mind? Too often we base success on having material possessions, being famous, or having an acceptable career. What we sometimes fail to realize is that success comes in many forms. Successfulness varies from person to person. Almost every one of us differ in what we consider success. In many cases, we find success in simply doing what we love or enjoy to do. Many famous people follow their dreams and find success in doing what they enjoy. Others find success just by being famous. While these celebrities do find success, not everyone has to be famous to be a successful person.

In many cases, celebrities themselves have to find success in more than just being famous. One way we can find success is to have a good career. How do we decide what a good career is? This also varies for each person.

A good career can be anything we are good at or anything we enjoy to do. Most celebrities are successful because they are doing what they know and love. Julia Roberts, arguably the worlds most beloved actress, for example, finds success in what she does well. Other celebrities, like Britney Spears, have dreamed of stardom from a very young age and are now doing what they love.

In other cases, we find success in not only a career, but what we make of it. While money is essential in survival, some of us measure our success in our wealth. For instance, Bill Gates is a well educated and intelligent man. He is the Chairman of Microsoft and he also serves as Microsoft's Cheif Software Architect. He is successful in all of these things but he is not successful for this alone. In addition, He is...