The Success of the Articles of Confederation

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The Articles of Confederation was the first constitution introduced to Congress 1777 that linked the thirteen independent states together in dealing with common problems. Ratified in 1781, under the Articles of Confederation did make lasting contributions to the nation's well being. The Articles of Confederation despite it's defects, was a significant stepping stone toward the present constitution. Under the Articles of Confederation, the central government was successful in governing the United States in terms of clearly outlining general powers, regulating the western lands and keeping the thirteen colonies together in peace.

The Articles of Confederation was crucial towards creating a sense of general power in the United States. Under the articles, an establishment of a federal system was created as there was division of powers between the national and state governments. There was no executive branch in order to prevent another rebellion such as the one with King George III.

The properly balanced system helped created a fairer system in the United States in favor of the people accordingly to their state. Each state participated in the voting system two thirds of the votes were needed when dealing with subjects of matter that had to be dealt with. Assigned roles to specific parts of the government were also established as the central government took care of jobs such as making treaties and establishing a postal service. The articles had outlined the sense of power that was currently used in the United States government and was quite successful as they dealt with the events that occurred during the time.

Another way governing the United States was successful under the articles was dealing with the western lands. As people wanted to move into the new land, the government had to figure out a way to help settle the area. Perhaps the greatest...