The Success Story of lillian Too.

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According to Michael Schape (2004), Entrepreneurship refers to a process where a person identifies entrepreneurial opportunities and transforming them into products or services which are marketable. Lillian Too is such a person who successfully identifies the opportunity and grabs hold of it and eventually make a fortune out of it.

It all started in the 1970s. After graduated from university and having a secure career, Lillian has a dream of having a family with children. However, she is unable to conceive. To pass time, she and her husband turn to other interest by breeding dogs and studying Chinese martial arts. It is there where she met her kung fu and feng shui teacher Master Yap Cheng Hai who will eventually change her life forever.

Feng Shui ( as explain by Lillian is an ancient Chinese art of living in harmony with the land, such that one derives the greatest benefits, peace and prosperity from being in perfect equilibrium with Nature.

Feng Shui holds out the promise of a life of meaningful abundance to those who follow its principles and precepts when building their homes and workplaces.

On an occasion to Lillian's house, Cheng Hai has advised Lillian that the feng shui of her house is not in favour with her husband and her. The bad feng shui of her house is said to have caused Lillian to be unable to conceive. Cheng Hai also warned her that it might even cost her their marriage. Lillian was sceptical and went on with her life.

At the time, Lillian is already facing some marital problems with her husband. To further enhance her credentials, Lillian flown to Boston for her master's degree in Harvard University. However, before she left, she and her husband has built their new house based on the feng shui...