What is a Successful Relationship? This paper is dealing with same sex marriage

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Usually when you turn on the television, pick up a daily newspaper or weekly magazine; there is some controversary over same-sex marriage. The political storm over marriage is now intensifying as gay couples flock to their local town hall or courthouse. It's hard to believe that the San Francisco's mayor took the matter in his own hands and started issuing marriage license and then marrying the gay and lesbians on the steps of the courthouse, even though it is illegal to do so in most states. (Kanaley). Men and women traveled miles to get a chance to become married life long partners in what maybe the first steps of trying to get the United States Constitution Amendment changed allowing the marriages to be valid. No state legally upholds gay marriage and it remains unclear that the licenses would hold water. The weddings in California violated a ballot that voters approved a few years ago that defined marriage as a union between a man and a woman which may be a cause for confusion.(Brown).

The change will allow same sex partners the chance to wed and be able to receive the same benefits as heterosexual marriages. It would also help unmarried heterosexual couples obtain health insurance and death benefits. There are companies and businesses that in some way have adapted some kind of partners'rights when it comes to bereavement time off(Brown)..

As time goes on with more homosexuals making their life styles open, the question of what constitutes tense a family is becoming a pressing one; for the courts and for employers, whose benefit policies will come under attack. Many cities are recognizing "domestic partnerships" for some limited purpose. Others efforts to have the benefit of marriage extended to domestic partners are under way, in legislatures and in the courts These...