How Successful Were Hitler And Mussolini Dealing With The Problems Of Their Countries Before 1939?

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Although both dictators had enough power and good ideas to solve the problems in their countries, both were unable to do so effectively due to the emphasis they gave to accomplish national grandeur and self-sufficiency, which should not have been priorities at the moment. However, Hitler did manage to stabilise Germany's situation to a further extent than Mussolini ever accomplished in Italy. Economic crisis, unemployment, political polarisation, disagreements with the church and international disgrace were some of the situations each dictator had to face, but different approaches gave different results and, as I will prove later on, the Nazi way of confronting them was almost always more effective.

To begin with, I should state that Mussolini had more time to prepare plans that were thought to solve Italy's problems, because he was named Prime Minister on October 1922, while Hitler was only made Chancellor on the 30th of January 1933.

Their political agenda, at least in domestic policies, was quite similar, and aimed the end of the polarisation that the Italian parliament, as well as the German Reichstag, suffered and prevented action and solutions to be quickly put in practice so as to solve minor problems before they turned into critical situations. The Acerbo Law passed by Mussolini on November 1923, that gave the party that won the elections 3/4 of the parliament seats while all the opposition had to manage with only 1/4 what gave Mussolini virtually complete control after the 1924 elections. On 1925 he changed the constitution for the first time where he stated that the Prime Minister was only responsible to the king and not to the parliament, and on 1926 he added a paragraph that allowed him to rule by decree. In addition, the Fascist Grand Council, that only obeyed Mussolini, took all...