How successful would you consider the 5 years plan to be?

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By looking at the sources and using the all of my knowledge, this essay will discuss and conclude on whether the 5 years plans that Stalin had used to industrialized the USSR is successful or not. I will first look at the successful points of the five years plans, and discuss the failures of it, and concluding my views at the last paragraph.

The five years plan was successful in a few ways. The main point of view here, is that it did increase the productivity of the USSR. We can see that the statistics there are generally increasing in the amount, which is the first point that made this successful. The reason why it had been successful, is that the changes in the polices and system of producing from the raw materials. Stalin used collectivization to increase the productivity of food for the people in the cities. As more and more people are needed to left the towns to go the cities and work in a factory, lesser people were left to work in the farms, so he introduced the idea of collectivization, which he confiscated land from peasants to create larger farms for them to grow crops, which he also introduced better farming techniques and machines, and setting production aims for the peasants to follow, with strict rules.

This ensured the productivity of food for the country and some extra for exporting. Collectivization was generally successful, since less people were needed for the farms, and everyone had to work hard. The success in collectivization caused the industrialization of the USSR, to be more successful. In producing the raw materials, the workers have to achieve goals in productivity, with propagandas that was used often to increase the morale of the workers. The five years plan had been successful...