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These are some absolutely "most knows" when it comes down to marketing, but first in order to succeed in marketing one most first understand the actual definition of the word. Marketing as defined by Webster's dictionary is the process or technique of promoting, selling, and distributing a product or service. So now that we understand that, then what… The answer is simple, now is the time to define exactly what is your product and or service. You do this by figuring things such what exactly are your purchasers purchasing, what are you REALLY attempting to sell? How are you going about selling this? How much is this going to cost you and how much do you stand to make? Which of your products has the most promotable potential?Now that you've defined your product and or service, now you must figure out who are you trying to sell these thing to? Who is your target market? Draw a picture in your head, who would be your dream customer? Who might get the most benefit out of your products? Who would be a frequent buyer as oppose to a one time purchaser? What age range is best for your service? What gender? And maybe the most important what income bracket? When you find these things out your job is a million times easier.

Think about it's a lot easier to sell something to someone who may have a real use to it, and have the finances to purchase it!Truth is nothing come overnight, being persistent and consistent can determine how successful your business becomes. Keep a positive attitude everyday and stay determined to make your service blossom. Staying on top of your game often outweighs a lot of flaws or short coming your product or service may have. Plus can someone ever buy something they never see or hear about? NO, therefore it is your job to make sure they hear about your product over and over again, until they eventually try it. There's absolutely no substitute for hard work and hard work does pay off. With that in mind keep at it, until you experience the result you want to see, not the results you're settling for!The last piece of advice I would like to give you is, know your enemies! It is absolutely necessary that you learn everything you can about your completion. Pick their flaws apart and make sure your service doesn't consist of those same flaws. This can help convince and explain to your customer why they should buy your product instead of the competition. Never lie, this is one of the worst things you can do, this can destroy your credibility and in the business and marketing world credibility is everything! Word of mouth travels faster than any other form of promotion, therefore you want everyone speaking highly of your business, this will not only gain you more customers but will gain you more TRUE customers. True customers are your absolute best friend; they come back over and over again. Your goal is to turn every customer into true customers!Lastly, figure out what exactly your definition of success is? Never base where you are on others because mainly when you're observing others, more than often what you see isn't what you get. Measure your progress, set realistic goals that are both long term and short term. Learn to manage your time, and remember stay optimistic!1.