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Everyone should dream. "It starts with a dream. It starts with building castles in the air and then knowing the difference between a fantasy and a dream and finally making it come true"( Rudy Ruettiger ). I was always so proud of myself because I had opportunity to come here and and have a good education. When I was came here I did not know any English at all. When I was small my parent put me in gujarati medium school. It was really hard for me to learn and understand englisg as it is my second language. When I had to come to America I knew it I will have problem with language with understand and writing, but still I thought I will manage it since I did learn English as second language. But, unfortunately I was very wrong. My uncle who majored in English in India had problems speaking in English with the 'Americans', These 'Americans' always sounded too good to listen too.

I always wondered after coming to America that why were the kids about same as my age so perfect at English even I did leaned speaking English in India, but after that I noticed that once you start staying here you will also get same pronoussience as them for English language. You will start speaking fluant English and slowly you ferget hard sound that we Indian have when we speak English.

When I first started school in America I was shocked to find out that I could not even follow through a single whole sentence that someone told me after knowing little English as well. I would be lost in listening to the sounds of the speaker rather then concentrating on the words. I always had to ask the speaker either to repeat...