How sucessful was the new deal?

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How Successful was the New Deal

Franklin D. Roosevelt was elected as President of the United States in 1932. At this time America was in the grip of the Depression. He set out his priorities and they were getting Americans back to work, protecting their savings and property, providing relief for the old, sick and unemployed, and getting the American industry and farming back on their feet.

Roosevelt immediately began to tackle the problems of the Depression and he passed many laws in the first hundred days of his presidency. This was the New Deal. For example, to help the unemployed he created jobs paid for by the Government. He set up certain agencies to tackle the unemployment such as the CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps), which aimed at helping particularly young men. They would get help for six months and if they didn't get help getting a job then they could sign on for another period of six months.

Most of the work done by the CC was in national parks working on environmental projects, and the money earned usually went to the families of signed on men. Around 2.5 million men were helped by this cooperation. Another unemployment help agency, set up by the National Industrial Recovery Act, was the PWA (Public Works Administration), which used government money to build roads, dams and bridges, schools and airports, which created millions of jobs and would be very useful once the USA recovered. These schemes were just a few of the newly formed 'Alphabet Agencies', but they didn't only help employment. The EBA (Emergency Banking Act), which was when FDR urged people to put their money in the stronger banks, which were still open due to government support, instead of keeping it in a safe at home. Another was...