Such a Useful Oxymoron

Essay by teh~sabrinaJunior High, 8th grade April 2007

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I've met you time and time againYou're just looking for a way inYou have such an obvious secretYou try to fill me in on your insane logicYou have the most sincere liesMaking me believe every wordCutting yourself with your dull razorThe most pleasing pain of allThis is such a numbing sensationForgotten memories come into viewMy insomniac dreams are killing meThey say you were a suicide victimI say you were a social outcast looking for a way outWe were just two rebels without a causeCan't live without itBreathing in and breathing outI'm having a quiet riot and I'm silently screaming my heart out for youAnd in the end I'm just a social outcast looking for a way outThis is the next instant classic and I just can't get enough-----------------------------------------------------------And when it comes down to it,Baby,No one is gonna care about you like I do,And it's true,That for this last time you hurt me,I'm not going to forgive you.

-----------------------------------------------------------&&It's true, didn't you know, that I'm the only girl you've met that can give you her prettiest smile while she's crying her heart out.

-----------------------------------------------------------If someone leaves you it's because you're too good for them, not the other way around.