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"Michelle has been diagnosed with Anorexia" Her mother began crying and leaned on the side of the wall. The doctor began to reach out feeling the pain she felt because it was only four painful years ago his own daughter, Alexia, was diagnosed with the same condition.

The doctor's daughter Alexia had been in her high school years when she began to feel as if her filling 125 lb. weight was a little large. See the problem was that Alexia was never considered "fat" just considered "healthy"; at least that's what her doctor said. Well, Alexia decided that she would begin to lose 10 lbs. and hope that the results would improve her status as one of the "pretty" girls. Alexia had never had to lose weight before so she did what seemed right, she ate at the bare minimums. Maybe a carrot, a small sandwich and water was enough for her.

Of course her body at first rejected this minimal intake and produced more fat cells to keep the balance. However, our bodies can only compensate for so long before it begins eating its own fat. So with that in mind Alexia began achieving her goal, at a fast pace too. It was not long before Alexia got back on that scale to find out she did it. She lost her goal weight, and felt better than ever before. Even boys at school took notice to her changes and grew more attracted to her. Yes, life was going just fine for her, but somewhere in the back of the young girl's mind there was a striving. A striving to be thinner, I mean the way she thought if she lost 10 lbs., then imagine what kind of attention 15 lbs would do. A tempting logic. Because we...