"Suicidal Tendencies" - a poem/suicide letter.

Essay by goats September 2004

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I'm feeling like a stranger,

Obstacles grew to big for me to climb on

& its like the ground isn't mine to walk upon

Anymore,...so soon i must leave like the moon

as the earth turned its turn & I'm no longer immune

but fragile & weak all those nights I couldn't sleep

got affected by this leap of nightmares yes i weep

But i guess, this will all ends as i end with this all

& I just couldn't imagine, I came so far I can't even fall

And so I just locked my actions in the routes of routine

& compared to a box it's just squared, tight & obscene

So I'm sorry if it hurts you, but this hurts me even more

but it's just this game with my self &need to settle the score

If u love me, remind me as this nice smiling young face

not this useless wreck that's lately has taking my place

But for now this is good bye, hope we will meet up again

& if u are a friend when the time is right we will meet up then

But no one will stop me, as I poor out my last breath 'go ahead'

Cause the seed wants to live but...the

flower is just dead

& For all the times we shared, I will thank you my friends

but if I want a new beginning I must start with the end

I will miss you all...

Sincerely Yours,