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General Field: Life Studies?? I don't really know what to put… Focus Area: Suicide Potential Thesis: Teen suicide is a serious problem among young people today. Ok so it is bad but I am working on it.. maybe you could help.

Part A: There suicide among teens, is the 3rd leading cause of death. In Canada the number of teens that kill themselves each year is the highest in all the world. Some important factors in this area are, Crisis Centers, which give aid to those in need of help, and many other organizations that are there to help prevent suicide among teens. There is Hara-kiri, a Japanese ritual of suicide, and the is also Physician Assisted suicide, which is where a physician aids either purposely or accidentally in the suicide of a person.

Part B: The main support of this topic would be the fact that teen suicide is the 3rd highest cause of death among teens.

While suicide in general is a serious problem at any age, teens feel more lost and out of place than most adults. This causes the teens to feel uncomfortable with themselves and their surroundings.

Part C: I feel suicide is an awful, terrible thing. Personally I feel it is a person taking the easy way out of a situation. They are hurting those who love them and care for them more then anything else. I would like to research on why people commit suicide, attempt suicide. I want to try to understand why many of my close friends have either attempted suicide and failed, so have contemplated it. Also, one of my close friends from when I was younger recently did, I had not seen or talked to her in years, but knowing her as a child I can understand why she felt so out of place. I am doing this paper to better understand the reasons, cases and ways of committing suicide.

Sorry this is so bad…