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"Suicide is not chosen; it happens when pain exceeds resources for coping with pain." This quote accurately describes my feelings about suicide. There are two ways to survive suicidal feelings: (1)You can find a way to reduce your pain or (2)find a way to increase your coping resources. Both Are Possible. I feel that there are no conditions under which I would consider suicide permissible or justifiable.

Suicide claims about 30,000 lives a year and more than 500,000 survive a suicide attempt each year. Sound like a lot? This only accounts for 1.3% of deaths. I feel that when someone is committing suicide, they are saying that it is ok to take the easy way out. Instead of dealing with their problems, getting help, finding a way to reduce their pain, or increasing their coping resources, they turn to suicide. They give up on themselves and on life. They turn to suicide as a relief from pain.

What is relief? A feeling. You have to be alive to feel it. You will not feel the relief that you so desperately crave if you are dead.

David Rosen, MD, the director of the teenage and young adult health program at the University of Michigan Medical Center states: "Knowing what to look for can help us identify kids at risk of becoming suicidal, instead of treating young people after they are already suicidal or after they have attempted suicide." This way, we can increase their quality of life so they feel better about themselves. Teachers, parents, students, everyone, needs to look for warning signs early on. We need to instill children with coping methods for their problems and teach them how to communicate. Once people learn how to cope with their pain, they will be able to live happier and fuller lives. It is time to put the emphasis back on the sanctity of life. Teach people that every life is worth saving and worth living. Suicide isn't the answer. Hell, it shouldn't even be a question. The question should be where can I get help for my problems and learn to cope with my pain. The quality of your life depends on you and on your outlook. I think I have a wonderful life, I know when to ask for help and I know what I am capable of. When I have to face something difficult in my life I deal with it as best as I can and move on. Others just have to do the same. Have a positive outlook and try to smile as much as possible because if you smile enough, you might start to actually believe you're happy. Ask yourself: is the glass half-empty or half full?