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Many teenagers committ suicide these days. Teens committ suicide due to many problems. For one their boyfriend/girlfriend. Also their family. Last is they just hate their life.

Suicide is a way out to some teens. I almost made the mistake of taking my own life but i didn't want to go to hell and I for sure didn't want to die. It is all just a state of mind. Teens think that when you kill yourself that all your problems are over but realistically your problem are just beginning.

You boyfriend my cause you to wanna kill yourself if you have been with him for so long and you love him and don't know what to do without him and he finally leaves you. Don't do it because love comes and goes.

Your family also may make you wanna committ suicide because they are too bossy or you don't like the rules but you just live with it for your time and move out.

In conclusion don't kill yourself life is too precious and there are other ways out try counseling, talking to the person who is creating the problem, or even just thinking about what will killing yourself do for you.