Suicide and why people make the decision to die

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The highest suicide rate in this country is from 75-84, many old people find themselves useless, friendless and unable to cope with pain any longer. Young people can make a huge difference to the elderly by talking and paying attention to them.

Suicide seems a strange topic in a chapter about family, yet we should understand that in many cases family and the breaking up of a family is one of the main reasons people resort to suicide. If anyone you care for shows prolonged symptoms of withdrawal or snappishness just talk to them about their situation and tell them that you love them.

"Suicide is not chosen; it happens when pain exceeds resources for coping with pain."

Children to parents

There is usually no problem when a parents opinion on something is seen to be correct from a child's point of view- only when a child believes it to be completely wrong, problems arise.

Things such as drinking, sex, drugs, curfews, friends and grades can bring arguments into a family because the parent and the child have different views on the matter.

Parents often have a better idea about sex, money and getting along with people so most of the time children should talk to and listen to their parents because they have had more of an experience then all of us. Having a discussion with our parents can sometimes be a battle and very much of a struggle.