Suicide Bomber

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Suicide Bomber


Amin Al-Abdullah is a Sunni Arab. Being a Sunni Arab in a Palestine refugee camp in the Gaza Strip has many consequences. Religion has become a very important part of his life. He believes that the Israeli's are persecuting the Palestinian people. That the Jewish and materialistic culture from the west takes advantage of Islam's refutation of idolism, that their value of money and idols, and individualism over God is a way of evil�. Through his studies, Amin is angered that Islam has to fight the world. Under the UN, Israeli's are occupying Palestinian land illegally under resolution 242 and the world has done nothing to correct this�. Before leaving to school, Amin worked with his father in their carpentry business. This profession did not pay well, with little hope for improvement in sight. Israeli's are always pushing them back, they are a looming threat to come in and bulldoze their house or business at any time.

The future outlook for Amin and Palestine was bleak. They had no official government to give them a voice, which created a great sense of desperation among Amin and his friends. Amin's desperation led him to Hamas. Hamas was an organization willing to fight back against Israel in the west, they knew the only language Israeli's understood was fear, and they gave Palestinians like Amin a voice to be reckoned with�.Amin and his family felt like they were in a lifelong prison, with Israelis as prison guards with humiliating checkpoints where many Palestinians would often be beaten. Amin was a smart student, and got into the Islamic University of Gaza on a full scholarship based on his outstanding academic ability. He studied History and Politics. An influential Professor, Farooq Inb Sayid, taught Amin the importance of Islam...