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The intentional killing of oneself or an act that is destructive to oneself (Oxford, 919). That statement hits home with many people in this world. It is this whispered word that one parent may tell another parent how their child attempted suicide. Suicide seems to be a hushed subject that isn't spoken about as much as Aids or STD's; which I find absoulty amazing. The amazing factor is that Suicide is listed by the National Center for Health Statistics as the number 8 cause of death in the United States, it even ranks above AIDS that is number 14. With it having such a ranking you would think the world would been more aware of the outstanding numbers.

Suicide claims over 31,000 lives annually even more then homicide. As you say to yourself, "Wow 31,000 lives" think of this "Suicide attempts, estimated to exceed 750,000 annually, adversely impact the lives of millions of family members" (Congress).

This is an obvious cry for help and time we reconstruct our society to help us lower this ever-growing number. Time magazine showed a figure that almost made me fall off my chair; it said that there has been a 300% increase in teen suicide since the 1960's. Why has suicide increased to this outrageous figure and what causes it is the question? What makes someone suicidal is a more complex question and not as easy to answer as everyone seems to think. I have always heard the people say, "Oh they come from a broken home or don't have a good family life." As much as everyone wants to believe this, it is not the only reason, many people young and old contemplate suicide. Through my readings and personal experience, I believe the number one reason for even thinking about...