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Overcoming for greatest

"The Great Debaters", an exquisite motion picture was nothing less than inspiring. It

previews what had happened in the past during hardship for many blacks filled with racism and

corruption. This movie also showed ways to deal with the obstacles of people in life. "The Great

Debaters" instructs the way to overcome life obstacles by undergoing determination, building

self-confidence, and ignoring discrimination.

Firstly, how do I think the movie shows the undergoing of determination? Well,

determination is shown throughout the entire movie where by Lowe, Samantha, Farmar meet on

a constant basis for debate meetings and get together because they are focused on winning. Also

it is shown when secret meeting were being held between whites and blacks risking their

freedom because they were determined to start a union for their rights. I was also inspired by

determination showed when Lowe and the team were asked to rewrite their arguments at Harvard

University whereby they were up the entire night thinking and planning their debate.

Determination seemed to be a major theme in the movie and this also showed that hard work and

focus gets you passed obstacles.

Secondly, building self confidence was a tool which helps greatly for me to overcome

problems. Obviously, how can you face a lion if you are afraid of it? I observed a touching scene

where Farmar was going to debate for the first time but because he when into the debate afraid

the team lost. Farmar later on in the movie built confidence which he used against Harvard

University to go on and win the debate. I can relate that experience to when I had my first

basketball game and I went into the game scared which caused me to commit many mistakes but

later on in my...