"Suicide Solution"

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The song "Suicide Solution" by Ozzy Osbourne has been a misinterpreted song for many years. About the dangers of alcohol, Ozzy wrote this after Bon Scott, the lead singer for AC/DC, died as the result of a drinking binge. Randy Rhoades guitar sounds, Ozzys voice and the lyrics make this song one of the best ever written.

The song starts with the guitar sliding into a droning, almost heavily sedated rhythm. The distortion used on the guitar is vintage Randy Rhoades, a low, grinding, ugly sound, a good ugly. Randy takes liberty with guitar swells at specific times of the song when needed, especially after the lyrics make a point about the danger involved in drinking. There are parts where one can almost feel the swell as Ozzy speaks about sorrow. There are appropriate harmonics strategically put into the ends of each verse. The bridge is filled with an ominous sound that leads to the guitar being alone to introduce the last verse.

There is no solo only the eerie guitar swells and random notes with heavy delay and chorus at the end of the song capturing the feeling of emptiness.

Ozzy uses his vocal techniques from the very beginning with a vintage style of an almost whining, sarcastic style that's made him one of the best. At the end of the first verse he changes octaves with the phrase "Away tomorrows" which echoes out in an empty feeling that is complimented by the feeling of loneliness that alcohol can bring. The bridge is filled with scattered laughs, groans and words that add to the confusion that is felt by an alcoholic induced time. He keeps this pleading way of singing into the very last part of the song where the mesh of vocal sounds bleed together with the guitar.

Along with the vocals, the lyrics add the feeling of hopelessness of someone who has been a slave to alcohol for a long period of time. He uses the liquid references, "drown your sorrows" and "floods away tomorrow" as a way of conveying his feeling. The line "Now you live inside a bottle, the Reaper's traveling in full throttle" makes a clear message towards the end of the song of giving up. Saying, since death is imminent from the abuse he has put in himself with alcohol, he may as well do it right and drink more. The last line says "The reaper's you and the reaper's me" saying that he is actually killing himself, not anyone else. He chose to drink and it's up to him to stop if he wants to live. This line makes the person drinking responsible for their own actions and tells the listener to be careful and not blame others.

The time this was written was an emotional time for Ozzy. Through the guitar sounds, lyrical quality and the way he uses his voice, it is indicative of a person who is not only hurting but also caring by sending a message. With all these elements combines, one can tell why this song was written.