Suicide, why is it more common in todays society?

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Why is suicide becoming more common in Australia today amongst the youth in today's society? What influences suicide? Why does suicide occur and how can it be helped so it won't keep occurring? All of these issues will be answered and discussed in this written assignment.

Suicide is becoming more common in today's society, as in 1966 suicide was the case of death in every one in twenty males between the age of fifteen and nineteen and now it accounts for every one in seven deaths. It is now apparent that suicide is now a major cause of death among young man and women in Australia today, it is second to motor vehicle accidents as the single greatest cause of death. Every year more than 2000 Australians die from suicide, with at least another thirty attempts for each person who dies. In 1998, there were 2683 suicides registered in Australia, with 446 in the Fifteen and Twenty Four-year age group.

The Australians who face the greatest risk of suicide are young people aged Fifteen to Thirty and those over Sixty-five. (Youth suicide in Australia 18.03.2004)

It is estimated that for every completed suicide there is one hundred attempts, girls attempt suicide far more often than boys. In the past it was believe that those who attempted suicide and those who completed it were two different populations. Now however this to be believed to be the case, and that people who make a suicide attempt have considerably higher risk of dying eventually by their own hand than those who have not attempted suicide. It does not seem appropriate to divide suicidal attempts into the groupings of 'serious' or 'non serious'. These are reflective or self-destructive behaviour, which is either life threatening or non-life threatening.

Suicide can...