Summarizing the Information         I think it was rather easy to

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Summarizing the Information I think it was rather easy to find the information. At first I didn't know what to look for or what sites to go into. But once I figured out what to do I was finding things easy. I first looked on sirs and Star Tribune and didn't find much. But I went to ask jeeves and found countless articles. I found most of my articles there and they were all mostly opinionated. When I typed in the whole question from my article nothing came up but once I just put a couple words in I kept find a lot of things. They gave me many subtopics to choose from and most of their articles cam from people with good credentials or experience in the matter.

I determined the worth by whether or not the articles stated opinions on my topic. A lot of articles I didn't print off just had facts of the war and didn't state whether or not the anti war movement prolonged the war.

The ones I thought were good and I could use were ones that expressed a yes or no opinion. Some articles even expressed both yes and no in there articles. I was fortunate to find so many opinionated articles.

I thought it was easy finding a range of articles and I thought I was very fortunate to find such good articles. I bet a lot of people never could find a definite yes or no opinion on their topic, but I was fortunate to find some articles with a yes opinion and some articles with a no opinion.

I think the "no" article from Taking Sides was my best article. It had so many facts about the topic and it also has very good opinions that are backed by evidence. It kept the reader reading because it was so interested. You never really thought of some of the stuff he was stating. It was a very creative article that is definitely the best article I have.

The least valued article I have is the "yes" article from Taking Sides. It stated too many facts and not a lot of opinions. I don't like the articles that state a lot of facts from the war, and these articles did. Opinions with facts were rarely stated. I could tell right away it was a bad article just because I was trying to read and highlight. It was by far my least favorite article.

I used three websites to find all my information. They were Sirs, Star Tribune, and ask jeeves. Sirs and Star Tribune was too hard to find information. You had to word your search in a perfect way. It was just too hard to find information. Ask jeeves was really easy to find information. I just typed in a couple words and I had a lot of choices to choose from. I found many articles with different opinions.

I think the briefing notebook helped me research the topic I had. It made me read all the articles I had because I had to highlight them. I also had to get enough sources and pages so I got a different array of opinions. Normally when we research things for classes we print off articles and since we don't have to highlight them we normally don't read all the articles we print off. I also think that using articles from Taking Sides also was helpful. Most off the topics were interesting and they gave us a lot of topics to choose from. If we didn't have topics to choose from we would choose simple topics that we probably researched already.