The Summary of "All Terrain, Anywhere, Any time?"

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The article form Canadian magazine "Nature Canada" was written by Glen Semenchuk. It presents the transformation of the ATV (all-terrain vehicle) from a working machine to primarily recreation equipment leads a controversy between the environmental concerns and All Terrain Vehicle Association.

The article narrates the polarized stands and opinions about the ATV currently use. Thought the ATV fans request to keep their riding areas open, the author, as a advocator, still enumerates and analyses in detail the all-terrain vehicle illogical using inflict negative impact and damage to our environment and society. The proliferation of unauthorized use of ATVs fragments the landscape, impacts watercourses, disturbs sensitive and threatens wildlife. It also increased opportunities for incidents of crime, trespass on private property, and confrontation between landowners and users. The economic benefit arising only is a small proportion when it compares with the considerable potential damage of the unconscionable use of ATVs.

The author appeals the public and government to stand the side of environmental protection and regard the issue about ATV. The article indicates that the dedicated laws and regulations are required to restrict the ATV use. At the same time, educational programs should be considered a longer-term tool to solve the problem.

Governments are expected to constitute a considerate project and bring satisfactory conclusion.