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When a person needs to do something that they really don't want to do, it seems like it takes forever for them to do it. In "Hamlet," Hamlet waits a long time to take revenge for his father's death because he does not want to kill anybody. He does however want to take revenge. He doesn't want to let his father's ghost down by not doing anything.

In order to take revenge, Hamlet tries many times to do so. In his first attempt in Act 3, scene 2, Hamlet wants to make the King confess a bout the murdering of King Hamlet. Hamlet decides to put on a play called "The Mouse-Trap." In this play, it acts out his fathers' death. Hamlet hoped to get a confession out of the King. Hamlet first wants to destroy the King mentally instead of physically. While the play is going on, the King realizes what it is all about and walks out on it.

Since Hamlet did not get a confession out of the King. Act 3, scene 4, Hamlet decides to take action and kill the King. When he went to do this, he noticed the King was knelt on the floor praying. Hamlet can not kill him as he is praying because the King would then go to heaven.

Hamlet does not want the King to go to heaven for what he did. The King is not really sorry for what he did to his brother. If he could change the situation, he wouldn't. He got what he wanted out of the whole ordeal.

After the King ran out on the play, the Queen wants to have a word with Hamlet. Polonius heard the Queen's request for a talk with Hamlet and decides to spy on them in the Queens...