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The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown takes the reader on an amazing treasure hunt throughout the mysterious and private life of one of the most respected painters, Leonardo Da Vinci. The novel begins with Robert Langdon, a Harvard University professor of Religious Symbology, in The Paris Ritz Hotel after giving a lecture, and ends with his solving one of the most sought after mysteries in the world. This mystery is the secret behind the true story of Jesus and was guarded for centuries by a secret society, The Priory of Sion.

The Priory of Sion is a European organization that was founded by the Knights Templar to guard the secret truth of Jesus and the true identity of the Holy Grail. Its members have included Sir Issac Newton, Botticelli, Victory Hugo and most importantly Leonardo Da Vinci. All if these people served at Grand Master of the Priory and the latest grand master, Jacques Sauniere is murdered and the opening of the book.

Being that he was involved in a secret society, no one knew that he was the grand master or even a member of the Priory. However, when he is murdered, his granddaughter Sophie Neveu must uncover his secret and protect it.

When Sauniere, the curator of the Louvre in Paris is murdered, a message is scribbled on the floor to find Robert Landon. The police assume Langdon has killed the elderly man and want to take him into custody, however not before they have tricked him into convicting himself of murder.

Meanwhile, Sauniere's granddaughter Sophie, had stopped talking to her grandfather and ignored all of his letters for the past decade. After witnessing one of the Priories rituals firsthand in her grandfather's basement, Neveu flees the presence of her grandfather. That day, Jacques had called...