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Summary and Response

"Why We Must Put Up with Porn" by Susan Isaacs

The editorial "Why We Must Put Up with Porn" by Susan Isaacs is about pornography and the Constitution. The First Amendment states that we, as American citizens, have the freedom of speech. "To have the speech we love, we must defend the speech we hate," Isaacs voices.

Isaacs states in her article, that there is no proof that pornography contributes to criminal behavior. Research has not established a link between violence and pornography. She brings up a past case, that of the serial killer Ted Bundy. He was quoted as saying "A lifetime of reading pornography, made him the monster he was." Furthermore, she goes on to state that it was an easy way out. That because he used pornography as an excuse, it would clear him responsibility for what he did. Hence, serving a lessened jail time.

Isaacs brings forth yet another point. Who has the power to judge what's appropriate for all? Who has the right to speak for all of humankind? There is no possible way we can hand over the power to someone to decide what's appropriate for all. No one on earth can possibly decide what's right and wrong and what we can and cannot see.

What Isaacs has done in this article is explain the reasons why pornography cannot be banned. The most evident reason is that of the First Amendment, the freedom of speech. Second, researchers have not established a link between pornography and violent behavior. Finally, no one has the power to decide what is appropriate for all.

I totally agree with what Isaacs has stated in her article. Who has the power to decide what's right or wrong? Jerry Falwell of the religious right, or Ron Jeremy...