Summary of articles relating to disabilty, sex and racism.

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'Help us with our burdens'

The Newcastle Herald 18/3/1999 page 13

Families with severely disabled children have threatened to abandon their children on the State Government's doorstep unless they can get more help. Parents are being forced to leave work to care for their disabled children.

"When Grace began screaming night and day, father Alan Norfolk had to take time off his job as a storeman to care for their other two children. At age 40, he is now unable to get back on full-time work."

Parents are asking the Government for more support accommodation although accommodation is costing $80,000 to $100,000 a year. By families caring for their children have saved the Government millions over many years as institutional care has phased out.

This article relates to equality and difference because the parents of the severely disabled children are not receiving the support from the Government that they need, therefore they are forced to leave work to care and give their children the attention they need and by doing so longer receive the equal income of a parent without a disabled child.

The parents of the severely disabled children don't have equal opportunities to work or socialise as other parents would. With Government support they could care for their children better and obtain a higher income creating a better financial status to support their disabled children.

'The Sterilisation of Girls and Young Women in Australia - A legal, medical and social context'

December 1997

Many young Australian female disabled adolescents have undergone unlawful sterilisation due to the fact that their carers and family believe it's in their best interest. Many are believed to be unsuitable to care for a child and would require full time assistance and also could not cope with menstruation. Between 1992...