Summary of Baudrillard's "The Violence of the Global"

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Jean Baudrillard's essay, "The Violence of the Global" is a very expansive view on the effects of thought patterns, dogmatisms, and to a lesser extent, arrogance on a worldwide scale. Baudrillard separates three distinct tiers of moral and values. Those tiers are singularities, universalized, and globalized. Baudrillard identifies the spreading of ideologies, morals and values as globalization. In his essay, Baudrillard cryptically defines it as "...the globalization of technologies, the market, tourism, and information". Rather inane to define a term using that very term, but this is an excessively encompassing definition anyway. A much simpler way to view it is as though the earth were shrinking literally (Porter). Everything that human beings are able to share with one another is now being shared faster and more anonymously than ever. And most dangerous probably among these things that one could share are ideologies of hatred and bigotry. But the ability to spread those ideologies at the speed of an electrical pulse through a cable is horrifying.

This rapid transfer causes the universalization of morals and values. This I believe is entirely true, however I do not believe an absolute universalization could feasibly occur. People are far too incompatible to share identical morals and values. I believe Baurdrillard's main point is that it's best to define ones morals and values for oneself, rather than accept those you see around you as good traits of character. The frequency and rapidity of the ideologies conveyed to us, consciously or subconsciously; inevitably will influence our own ideologies if even to the most minute extent. But it's when ethical development of character is reduced to predetermined approvals and disapprovals, that globalization is officially underway.

It's this globalization that Baudrillard purports as the cause of the defeat of the singularity. That it is to say that...