Summary of the Brook Museum Tour

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The Brook Museum comprises of art from Africa, European, Asia, and the Americas. These arts dated back as far as the 13th century to the most recent art works of modern artists. The Brooks Museum embraces the art of Italian Renaissance and Baroque works from the most famous artists such as Girolamo Romanio, Sebastiano Ricci, Canaletto, and much more.

As I enter the Brook Museum, I was greeted by a group of citizens from a retirement community on their field trip. They were excited as I am to see some of the art that were presented in their days. Inside the entrance of the museum, a two stories wood tower stood high to greet everyone that enters. It plays music videos of Elvis and other 70s and 80s videos with green, red, and blue neon lights that decorate around the tall wooden tower. To the left I was welcome by the two beautiful art work done by Romare Bearden called Noah Third Day from the Portfolio Prevalance at Ritual.

As I enter deep into the hallway, the Barbie collection from the 1960s to 2002 caught my eyes. I was very surprise to see the collection. To see how Barbies change through the year was really interesting. How the clothes, the hair style, and Barbie's boyfriend Ken changes I thought it was pretty amusing.

As the Christmas Season is near, the Brook Museum decorates some of the most beautiful Christmas tree I have ever seen. Some of them are tall, almost touching the ceiling. These trees are decorated with silver golden chains, gold pinecones, beautiful angles with golden ornaments and beautiful color lights. Looking at these Christmas tree makes me want to look forward for the Christmas day.

As I walked into the Kross Collection, a large called The...