Summary of careers in the marketing and advertising field i had to do for a freshman success class.

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Market research analysts design sales strategies based on the buyer preferences, market and competition. They analyze survey data to see how customers in different industries, locations and

size differ in their needs and how much they are willing to spend for new products. They also estimate sales volume and revenue forecasts. It is important to have skills in organization, computer literacy, marketing and selling, public speaking and money management. It is best have at least a Bachelor's degree with a major in marketing, business administration or economics. However, with the competitive job market today, graduate training and an MBA are important to advance.

Advertising sales promotion administrators design advertising campaigns and product information to be communicated to customers. They decide how to increase consumer awareness and sales of their company's products and services. They work with advertising agencies to implement advertising strategies. They are also responsible to decide on sales promotion incentives to attract new customers.

A Bachelor's degree in business administration with a concentration on advertising and communications is ideal preparation for this career. Most employers prefer to hire new graduates in assistant positions in market planning in preparation for sales promotion administration jobs.

Advertising account executives plan and manage advertising campaigns for their clients consisting of businesses and organizations. They work with clients to make proposals on advertising campaigns, budgets and selection of media for advertising. They also design studies to identify consumer preferences and evaluate effectiveness of different advertising methods. Most employers prefer a bachelor's degree in advertising and communication. Studying in marketing, consumer behavior and, market research is also beneficial.

Another career option is a marketing manager. Marketing managers are responsible for developing concepts and campaigns to introduce consumers to a company's products and services. Marketing managers must work with a number of departments...