Summary of chapters and themes in of Mice and Men.

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Plot Summary

Chapter One

Lennie and George are hiding after getting off a bus that took them from Weed to Soledad. They were forced to leave Weed because Lennie was accused of rape. This was a very common occurrence - not being accused of rape, but being driven out of when they were. They went from ranch to ranch. They sit eating and talking about the past and talking about the future - the future where they own a ranch of their own with rabbits and chickens, and where they live off "the fatta the lan'." They discuss what there plans are for the next day; they are to go to the ranch and George is to do all the talking.

Chapter Two

Lennie and George arrived at the ranch where an old man introduced them to their new home. The boss walked in while George and Candy (the old man) are talking.

He takes down George and Lennie's names, where they worked before, and what skills they have. George answers every time for Lennie which makes the boss curious. He asks George what his interest in Lennie is, thinking that George is out to get Lennie's pay. George told the boss that Lennie had been kicked in the head by a horse when he was little, and he had told Lennie's aunt that he would take care of Lennie. When the boss left, Candy came back in with his dog after listening to the conversation through the door. Curley, the boss' son, came in soon after. He noticed the two new guys and saw a challenge - especially in Lennie. Once Curley left, George and Candy had a discussion about him. Candy said that Curley just does not like men who are bigger than him. Curley has been...