Summary of Colonization in the 1600's

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The Spanish set forth a great example for the English settlers on how to properly perform a conquest of Europe. They showed them how to establish a proper economy through trade and how to use the people to create a nation of prosperity. The Spanish were the first to actually conquer the Americas and their conquest soon before long reached the shores of Florida. After the example set forth by the Spanish, the English arrived in the America's with their own ideas of how to create and establish a fully functional society and began to create a form of American identity.

When the English conquered and settled in the Americas, they attempted to transform completely the land and the Native American surrounding them. During its first years, the Virginia Colony struggled with severe problems and nearly failed. The Native Americans of the Chesapeake Bay resisted English settlement, but were sharply reduced in number during the 1600's.

Throughout this time the American colonies had varied all along the coast of the America's; ranging from Georgia to Massachusetts. As these colonists strived for American identity they began to wonder what the limits were. Bacon's Rebellion is a prime example of how some people wanted different things than others. Bacon wanted to fight the Indians for more land, while the parliament disagreed and forced a solution. Slaves came into play and soon the labour force of the Americas was almost as expansive as the colonists themselves. Colonial Americans organized their society without the idea that all men were created equal. Because of this viewpoint slaves become quite a necessity, especially in the southern colonies.

Although England wanted to keep a close eye on all of its colonies it didn't because in order to increase its power and wealth on the...