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Henry James describes the character Winterbourne in his story Daisy Miller: A Study by saying "He was an extremely amiable fellow, and universally liked." His descriptions of the characters in this story allow us to study basic human nature. I feel that these descriptions are very accurate and maintain an almost P.T. Barnum effect. I think that almost everyone can relate to one or more of these characters.

Winterbourne is a very likable person, he is optimistic and idealistic. I feel as though he's one of those people who sees the bad but doesn't recognize it, or give it recognition. He focuses his energy on only maintaining the good. Even though people would gossip about him, he pushed on through everyday. He maintains a love for Daisy even though he knows their love could never actually happen. We've all had those feelings for someone at one point in our lives.

That crush on the one person that you could never have. He has that common man feeling that appeals to us all, the want of something unobtainable.

Daisy (A.K.A. Annie P.) was a perfect flirt. She plays her role of innocent perfection while indulging herself in flirtations with Winterbourne. She does as she pleases and yet still maintains her innocence. She is conniving and manipulative while toying with Winterbourne's emotions. I felt as though she was a little on the hussy side, leading Giovanelli (her intimate friend) and Winterbourne on. She is brutally honest and says what's on her mind. She speaks her mind in an almost elegant way, that isn't really that far out of bounds but still enough to tick the old fogies off. I personally am not this type of person, but I've always wanted to be. The carefree way she looks at life just...