a summary on the danger of depression, the symptoms, why teens get depression, and the treatment for depression.

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Teenage depression

About 4 out of 100 teenagers get seriously depressed each year. Sure, everybody feels sad or lonely now and then. But if you're sad most of the time, and it's giving you problems with your grades, your relationships with your family and friends, alcohol, drugs, sex, or if it's controlling your behavior in other ways, then the problem may be depression.

Clinical Depression is a serious illness that can affect anybody, including teenagers. It can affect your thoughts, feelings, behavior, and health. Depression also increases the risk for suicide or suicide attempts. Most people with depression can be helped with treatment. But, most depressed people don't ask for help they need. And, when depression isn't treated, it can get worse and last longer. This really sucks because you're only a teenager once.

First, there are two kinds of depression: The sad kind, called major depression, or dysthymia, and manic-depression or bipolar illness, when feeling down and depressed switches with being speeded-up and all hyper.

If you think you're depressed you should talk to someone. If you are worried about depression in yourself or a friend, you con talk to someone who can help. There are many people who you can talk to like a psychologist, school counselor, parents, a trusted family member, family doctor, or a professional at a mental health center.


Life seems pointless or like nothing good is ever going to happen again.

have a negative attitude a lot of the time, or it seems like you have no feelings.

don't feel like doing a lot of the things you used to like-- like music, sports, being with friends, going out-- and you want to be left alone most of the time.

feel sad or cry a lot and it doesn't go awayIt's hard to...