Summary of "Dogtown and Z-Boys: The Birth of Extreme"

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This very interesting documentary by Stacy Peralta and Craig Stecyk, both members from Dogtown's Zephyr Surf and Skate team, and narrated by Sean Penn, tells the story of the members of the Zephyr team, from their beginnings in Dogtown, to their whereabouts now.

Well documented and informal combined with a very suitable soundtrack, the story starts off with the history of Dogtown, how the small town of Venice, California came about, through the inspirations of its European counterpart, it turned into a run down city as its popularity and funding collapsed and soon left wrecks all about the town.

With commentary interviews by the original members of the Zephyr team, an insight is giving into the world of living in Dogtown. Jeff Ho Surfboards was a small private shop which emphasized the new radical and extreme attitude towards surfing. He was designed surfboards and tested them, continually creating masterpieces and with the assistance of Craig Stecyk, with his airbrush art, created a name for themselves in Dogtown. The Zephyr surfing team were made up of the best surfing youths in the area. They all surfed along the coast of Venice, alongside the hazards of broken pylons with the potential hazard of being pierced or knocked unconscious. Even though the conditions were bad, the Zephyr team were an extremely private gang who looked after their turf, with graffiti tags of "Locals only! Invaders must die!" along the walls of the beach walk.

The documentary goes onto then describing the evolution of the skateboard craze, from its first origination of Sidewalk Surfing. The fad died eventually virtually overnight and it was impossible to buy a commercial skateboard. The Zephyr team recalls their memories of making their own boards, taking the wheels off roller skates and screwing...