Summary of Down Syndrome/ Symtoms and treatments

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Down Syndrome

This disease is called Down syndrome and is also known as Trisomy 21 because it happens "at" the 21st chromosome. It was discovered and named after a British physician called John Langdon Haydon Down who first studied it in 1866. It was called Mongolism at first because Mongolia is in Asia and they thought that Down syndrome people look like Asians. This disease is not one of those physically painful really gross ones that you don't want to read about. It is a genetic disease and has many symptoms such as mental retardation or slow mental development. Physical symptoms are almond shaped eyes and also folded skin at eyes. People with Down syndrome do not look exactly like normal people do even though a normal person may have one of these characteristics. Down syndrome (victims) also have a short wide neck and they also have short wide hands.

Most Down syndrome people are double-jointed and have delayed language development.

Down syndrome people see life differently then normal people, they always want to be included in various activities but at first they are shy and get to know themselves better then they develop sociability. You may not think so but people with Down syndrome are everywhere and they are family members friends, and people all around us in many communities.

This disorder is a random mutation that happens when there is and extra chromosome on the pair # 21. 1/ 1000 women have babies with Down syndrome. 1/350 babies that are born to women 35 or older have Down syndrome. 1/25 babies that have Trisomy 21 are born to women over 45 years old. Down syndrome is a disease that is not contagious and recessive. Trisomy 21 diseased people can not reproduce thus making Down syndrome births have nothing...