Summary of What I Have Learned In Bible 11

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At the beginning of the year, I was excited to learn that my Bible class at

Heritage was going to be about apologetics. I had always had the idea that at a

Christian school, when Bible was taught as a subject, it would be taught similar

to a history class. I am against the idea of Bible being taught in this way because

I believe that there should always be application from the Bible text. I was glad to

find out that apologetics would be taught because it is practical for sharing one's


I really liked the format in which the class was taught, as well: starting

from creation vs evolution, and ending up recently with how different people think

and how to confront them.

Recently I was able to put into practice defending my faith online in a

"Christian" chat room. I was IMing friends online when I decided to try going to

one of the chatrooms offered by my internet server.

One room was listed as

Christian. Curious as to what I would find, I entered the chatroom, only to find

that it was fool of people talking about sex and trading porn. Then God gave me

this crazy idea to talk to to one of the people in the room. Looking back, I

believe it was God leading me (and my brother, who was helping me) to the right

person. I started out by pretending that I was not a Christian,

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