Summary about: The Indictments Against Advertising Courtland L. Bovée and William F. Arens

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By uncovering indictments on the advertising world, we can further understand why advertisements are under heavy scrutiny. In the article "The Indictments Against Advertising", authors Courtland L. Bovée and William F. Arens discuss the criticisms of advertising. The article informs the reader about the effects of how different advertising schemes affect our minds psychologically and make us too materialistic. The concepts of advertisement are under heavy condemnation and are being described as insidious and annoying according to Bovée.

Social criticism of advertising plays an immense role in the disapproval of advertisement. When a company first begins to advertise, it opens itself up to not only new customers, but criticism as well. Unnecessary and overused advertisement can cause a consumer to make an under thought decision to buy something that promises larger than life outcomes. The overuse of advertisement is the leading reason it is so effective.

Some critics claim that advertising is one of the major reasons that we are so materialistic.

Our views are swayed to thinking that we need more material things in our lives to be happy. Advertising influences us to buy more by promising a greater status in the world, which is rarely the case. Critics say that advertising does not promote enough cultural and spiritual values. Advertising takes its defense by claiming that without its effects, the educational and cultural events such as books, operas, and musical events would not be as successful without proper promotion. However, at the end of the day, the goal of advertisers is to sell products, not make an impact on the cultural and spiritual concerns of society. Ultimately, Bovée states, profits are the final determining factor of successful advertisement.

Advertising influences people to buy things they do not need. Advertisers manipulate people's minds to persuade them to do...