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Internet Marketing or e-business has revolutionized the definition of marketing as well as a company?s market base and market reach. Research by Hillary Theyer taken from the article ?Internet Marketing and Advertising? (September 1998/99) shows that the subject has several positive and negative effects. One of the consumer base or target is mainly children.

There are a number of scopes that?s mentioned in the article particularly, ?Advertising to Children?, ?Collecting Marketing Information from Kids on the Internet?, ?Cookies?, ?Registration for Sites?, and the Importance of the Parent-Child Team? as a conclusion to this summary.

Advertising to children can be said as a complex issue, because ?children are less able to distinguish advertising content than adults?. They have a different perception of a show, for instance, if you ask a child what the television show is about, they would sometimes add in what they saw in the commercials. Sometimes children are not able to differentiate between a show and a commercial.

Advertisers make commercials entertaining. Children would think that the commercials are also a part of the show. As on the Internet, advertisements do lack of regulations. ?Advertising can ruin sites for use by kids or teens if it does not go with the content of the site?. For instance, some websites carries banners in a cluster, which makes it difficult for children to differentiate the ads from the website?s content.

Most advertisers on the Internet collect marketing information from kids indirectly. For instance by entering surveys, contests, and free giveaways, helps a lot of companies to get feedbacks and personal information on their products, in this case, to use it to upgrade their services, etc.

The Center for Media Education has produced a report about how information is gathered from children on the Internet. Some of the data...