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New Jersey State Police Museum

Unfortunately, I was unable to partake in the field trip to the New Jersey State Police Museum and Learning Center. However I was able to read up on the history and attractions available at this museum in West Trenton.

In the past, Troopers patrolled on horseback and motorcycle. At the museum there is a restored log cabin from 1934 and two Harley Davidson motorcycles and a 1930 Buick Touring car that were used on patrol. The pride of the nation's most expanded law enforcement agency can be experienced in the exhibits and interactive displays. A remembrance wall and a memorial garden are dedicated to those who have died in the line of duty.

The Lindbergh Kidnapping started the State Police. On March 1, 1932, the "Crime of the Century" occurred. The baby of Charles Lindbergh was kidnapped from his Hopewell, NJ home. A ransom note demanding $50,000 was left at the scene as well as a homemade ladder.

The State Police launched a massive investigation. The body of the baby was found two months later in a shallow grave. In 1934, Bruno Richard Hauptmann was arrested for the murder of Charles A. Lindbergh, Jr. The "Trial of the Century" began in 1935, and resulted in his conviction and execution. At the Museum, some of the actual evidence is on display. Original newsreel footage from 1935 can be viewed, as well as other videotapes. The criminal investigation reports and trial documents can be procured by researchers.

Over one hundred seized weapons are on display from the collection of the New Jersey State Police Ballistics Unit. The display shows wide variety of weapons collected during investigations. The Weaponry includes everything from a small .22 caliber Derringer up to a 20mm anti-tank gun. An attraction I am...